Our Recipes for Poultry

Check out our usual and unusual recipes for everyday and special occassions!

Roasted Chicken Paprika with Vegetables
Roasted Chicken Paprika Vegetables
Roast Duck Asian 梅子焗鸭
Roasted Duck Asian 梅子焗鸭
Roast Squad with Port Wine 砵酒焗乳鴿
Roasted Squad Port Wine 砵酒焗乳鴿
Rosemary Chicken with Lemon Butter Sauce
Rosemary Chicken Lemon Butter Sauce
Sauté Chicken with Onion Balsamic Sauce
Sauté Chicken w/Onion Balsamic Sauce
Sauté Chicken with Parsley Anchovy Sauce
Sauté Chicken Parsley Anchovy Sauce
Scallop with Smoke Duck Bacon
Scallop with Smoke Duck Bacon
Sesame Chicken with Mustard Mayonnaise Sauce 芝麻雞
Sesame Chicken 芝麻雞