Our Recipes for Pork

Check out our usual and unusual recipes for everyday and special occassions!

Hong Kong Style Onion Pork Chops 香港式洋蔥豬扒
HK Onion Pork Chops 香港式洋蔥豬扒
Pork Chops on Rice 香港式焗豬扒飯
HK Pork Chops on Rice 香港式焗豬扒飯
Hong Kong Pork Chops with Sweet Corn 香港粟米燴豬扒飯
HK Pork Chops Corn 香港粟米燴豬扒飯
Hot Italian Sauage
Hot Italian Sausages
Lemon Pork Chop
Lemon Pork Chops
Lotus Root Pancakes with Minced Pork and Dry Shrimps 蓮藕豬肉餅
Lotus Root Pancakes 蓮藕豬肉餅
Mac and Cheese with Spicy Italian Sausage
Mac&Cheese with Spicy Italian Sausage
Minced Pork with Dry Chinese Shiitake Mushrooms and Oysters 冬菇蠔豉菘
Minced Pork Mushrooms and Oysters